Sample MPEG Video Clips Captured using Inventa Australia's Hardware-Compression MPEG Encoder Devices

1. MPEGIO2 MPEG2 Program Stream 57 sec. 8Mbps 704X576-Pixel with OSD, Time and Picture-in-Picture (68MBytes)

2. MPEGIO2 MPEG4 41 sec. 8Mbps 704X576-Pixel with OSD, Time and Picture-in-Picture (40MBytes)

3. MPEGIO2 MPEG1 6MBPS 20Mbps 352X288-Pixel 59sec. with OSD, Time and Picture-in-Picture (20MBytes)

4. MPEGIO2 MPEG2 Transport Stream 59 sec. 8Mbps 704X576-Pixel with OSD, Time and Picture-in-Picture (62MBytes)

5. S26X H.264 1Mbps 704X576 30 sec.(6.1MBytes Self-Executable)

6. S26X H.264 3Mbps 528X384 30 sec.(7.1MBytes Self-Executable)

7. USBMPEG2-Box 4Mbps 720X576 30 sec.(14.8MBytes .mpg Video File)

8. MPEGIO MPEG4(H.263) 56Kbps 176X144 60 sec.(830KBytes) --- Need  H.263 Decoder such as vlc.exe to play/view

9. USBMPEG2-Box 10Mbps 352X288 10 sec. PAL (12.8MBytes .mpg Video File)

10. MPEGIOPro Video 8Mbps with Overlay.mpg(14 seconds 16MBytes)

11. PAL Video Capture by MPEGIOPro and Voverlay with animation, timer and alpha-changing text at 7mbps 704X576 DVD-Compliant (12 seconds 12MBytes)

12. PAL Video Captured by MPEGIO and Voverlay with Picture-in-Picture 7Mbps DVD Compliant (12 sec) 11.2MBytes

13. NTSC Format Video Captured by MPEGIOPro with Voverlay Timers in 7Mbps DVD-Compliant Format 10 sec. 10.9Mbyte

14. Live Video-on-Video Clip Created by Voverlay and 2 X MPEGIO Cards: Picture-in-Picture with 2 Live Video Sources(20 Mbps NTSC MPEG2)

15. USBMPEG2-Box 5Mbps 352X288 10-sec. PAL (6.5MBytes .mpg Video File)

16. USBOSDM2 Picture-in-Picture+Colour Text & Timer 8Mbps 720X576-Pixel 15-sec. DVD Format(MPEG2) 15MByte .mpg File

17. USBOSDM2 Picture-in-Picture+Colour Text & Timer 2.5Mbps 480X576-Pixel 15-sec. SVCD Format(MPEG2) 5MByte .mpg File

18. USBOSDM2 Picture-in-Picture+Colour Text & Timer 1.15Mbps 352X288-Pixel 16-sec. VCD Format(MPEG1) 2.8MByte .mpg File

19. MPEGIO MPEG2 Transport Stream 7Mbps 704X576 PAL 10 sec.

20. MPEGIO MPEG4 Transport Stream 7Mbps 704X576 PAL No Sound 9 sec. (Use VideoLan/SMPlayer etc. to Playback)

Download Windows MediaPlayer Filter for S26X H.264 Video(496kbyte) 

Download H.264/MPEG4 Software Decoder/Player(470KBytes)

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