Inventa Australia Products Application Examples

Application Field Description Customer Inventa Australia Products Customized Programming
Road Traffic Video Collection CrashCam PC system installed on car accident hot spots recording car crash incident real-time video and audio, recording is triggered by a Mitsubishi audio recording and analysis system  NSW Road and Traffic Authority S26X C++
PCB Design   Live video capture and graphics overlay on PCB analysis Intel USA/Malaysia/Costa Rica MPEGIO  
Train Video Capture Train-mounted video capture and graphics overlay systems NSW Railcorp, American Rail MPEGIOPro, MPEGIO VB
Under-water ROV-based video capture, MPEG recording and graphics overlay Recording live MPEG video with graphics overlays on multiple cameras usually mounted on ROVs West Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore companies MPEGIOPro, MPEGIO, Voverlay C++, Delphi, 
Multiple input MPEG2 encoding and live DVD burning Recording multiple channel video and burn DVDs immediately as recording goes Australia Crime Commission, Victoria Surveillance Company MPEGIO  
MPEG2 Video Recording and Overlay System Recording multiple channel video and live GPS/Time/Data graphics/text overlay system DSTO Adelaide MPEGIO, Voverlay Java
Complex Graphics Overlay Add Complex Graphics Overlay on multiple live video input in real-time Finland Defense, Croatia Nuclear Industrial and Norway Subsea inspection Companies Voverlay C++
Sports Analysis Recording live sport video as MPEG then analyze them via repeatedly playing back using various software on PCs Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japanese Companies MPEGIO, USBMPEG2-Box C++
Court Law Recording Recording Live Video in Court and Legal Practice USA MPEGIO, USBMPEG2-Box  
Satellite TV Recording Record Live Video from multiple satellite channels Mexico, Australia, Italy Satellite TV Broadcasting Companies MPEGIO, S26X  
Live MPEG2 Video Streaming Multi-channel live video encoding and streaming on LAN/WAN  Lockheed Martin Australia, DSTO Adelaide MPEGIO C++