Video Converters at Inventa Australia


Main Features


Scan Converter & Video Overlay Device    



PAL&NTSC Scan Converter with Power, Remote-Controller, 1280X1024, SVideo/RCA/RGB Out, VGA Pass-through


SCC370 PAL&NTSC Video Overlay & Scan Converter with Power, Remote-Controller, 1280X1024,SVideo/RCA Out, VGA Pass-through $699
SCC380 PAL&NTSC Scan Converter with Power, Remote-Controller, 1600X1200, Wide-Screen, SVideo/RCA/RGB Out, VGA Pass-through, RS-232 Control $660
SCC380P PCI Version of SCC380 $550
PAL & NTSC Video System Converter     $550
VSC660 PAL/NTSC/SECAM Video Format Converter  with SVideo/RCA I/O $550
VSC600 PAL/NTSC/SECAM Video Format Converter w/ SVideo/RCA I/O, built-in AGC & TBC $900

PAL/NTSC/SECAM Video Format Converter with 2-Sets SVideo/RCA I/O, Componet Output,  Genlock, TBC





Time-Base Corrector/Frame Synchronizer/Colour Corrector, SVideo/RCA I/O, PAL & NTSC, TBC, AGC


TBC100G Time-Base Corrector/Frame Synchronizer/Colour Corrector, SVideo/RCA, PAL & NTSC, TBC, AGC, Genlock $999
TBC530 High-Quality Professional Time-Base Corrector with two sets of SVideo/Composite-Video Inputs, One set of SVideo/RCA/YUV Output, PAL & NTSC, TBC, AGC, Genlock, Horizontal/Vertical Phase Adjustment $1999