VoverlayHD: Programmable High-Definition Text & Graphics on HD Video Overlay PCIe Card


Inventa Australia has released a High-Definition Text & Graphics Overlay card "VoverlayHD", that superimposes PC-generated High-Definition text, graphics and video onto input HD video, then realtime output the resulting video with overlay to SDI and HDMI output ports. Using on-board ICs to instantly mix host-generated bitmap with input video frames, VoverlayHD allows user software to instantly control every overlaid pixel on the output video frame in full 24-bit RGB Colour plus 8-bit Alpha Transparency Levels, quickly and easily creating unlimited video effects including speed-controllable motion text and graphics, timers, multiple video windows, etc. The main features of VoverlayHD include:


        --    Low-delay graphics overlay on live HD video using on-board hardware mixing engine without involving host CPU/GPU

        --    Full 256-Level Alpha blending control on every colour pixel with 24-Bit Colour mixed with incoming video 

        --    HD/SD Input & Output up to 1920X1080-Pixels, 24/25/50/30/60/29.97/59.94/23.97Hz Frame Rates, Interlaced & Progressive

        --    SDI and HDMI video Input/Output supported and software selectable: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI

        --    Simultaneous SDI and HDMI video output ports outputting same content

        --    Every output video frame can be grabbed and saved as graphics file and/or raw YUV file

        --    Instant overlay add / delete without visual delay on outputting video signal

        --    Un-limited PC-generated colour text, graphics and video can be overlaid simultaneously on incoming video

        --    Use full Windows GDI/GDI+/Direct3D power to generate un-limited vector & bitmap graphics overlaid on incoming video

        --    Output video with overlaid graphics data is always visually synchronized with input video

        --    Up to 16 Multiple cards can be run on the same PC controllable by the same software

        --    Full software control at application & SDK level on video Sync type, Mixing mode, Resolution, Progressive/Interlace etc

        --    Output ports can be software configured to display video only, video plus overlay, overlay only

        --    Internal, External and SDI Signal Sync Modes supported and software selectable

        --    Separate Reference Sync BNC Port available on card back panel

        --    Overlay Content can appear on output ports when no input signal is available

        --    SDI Input to Output Video By-Pass Relay (Video Pass-through) on PC power loss (reboot or powered off)

        --    Input SDI or HDMI Audio is passed onto Output Ports

        --    Live Video Preview on PC Screen in resizable floating window always displaying the output video content

        --    Overlay Text String support different colour, font name, size, background mode, transparency & Unicode

        --    Overlay Graphics Files support for BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and Targa format

        --    Apply single or a range of “Transparency Colours” on Graphics & Text for Blue-Screen/Chroma-Key effect

        --    Overlay Timer support for time, date, mille-second, frame number

        --    Overlay Card Operation support for instant screen clear, area alpha change, area content rotation, port I/O selection, etc.

        --    Overlay Windows support for constantly displaying any window’s content to external HD Video Devices

        --    Constant Alpha Channel Value Change under software control for timing and increment

        --    Horizontal and Vertical Moving Text & Graphics Overlay with software configurable steps and times

        --    Instant Overlay Display to external HD Video Devices from multiple overlay items constructed & loaded

        --    Save and Open Overlay Item List Files for single-click and repeated use of multiple overlay items

        --    Full SDK for Software Development inc. full C++, VB, C# source codes of fully functioning applications

        --    SDK & Application run on Microsoft 32-bit/64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Operating Systems

Combining advanced DSP, FPGA and ample DDR memory on board, VoverlayHD is a “hardware graphics overlay device” that uses on-board dedicated chips to instantly mix graphics data received from host PC with incoming video then output the mixing result immediately, resulting in low-delay, low CPU/GPU usage and high-quality video + overlay output. VoverlayHD has on-board memory buffers available for application software to directly write and read all colour pixels realtime overlaid on the incoming video:

allowing easy and unlimited video effects creation using the full graphics processing power of the Windows operating system (GDI/GDI+/Direct3D etc.) --- graphics do not need to appear on PC screen to be overlaid on video: once some 4-byte ARGB values are written to memory the corresponding position on output video ports will immediately show the overlay ARGB content, regardless they are displayed or not on PC screen.  The hardware implemented 256-Level Alpha-Channel blending capability gives application software easy and instant control for any overlay items' visibility on the external HD TV, complicated multiple-item graphical overlay effects such as fade-in / fade-out flying text over live video etc. http://www.inventa.com.au/Product%20Release%20and%20Comment/Voverlay%20Sample%20176X140.gifcan be created within minutes, or pre-created into data file then start instantly in front of live incoming video with single-mouse click. Since full PC based vector fonts (Windows' True-type fonts) can be used, text overlaid on video is fully scalable in smooth edges and proportional aspect ratio. VoverlayHD can display any graphics file directly on HD TV in extremely high-quality, with or without live video background. When PC’s live animation and movie playback is required to mix with input HD video, VoverlayHD displays them in high-quality, full motion and maximum flexibility. Using VoverlayHD, numerous special text and graphics overlay effects can be instantly constructed on output HD video ports without any software conversion.

Chroma-key / blue-screen effect such as TV weather forecaster walking in front of live city view etc. can be cleanly and easily implemented using the colour difference range mechanism:

Picture-in-picture scenario from multiple input signal sources can be instantly constructed:

Any window displayed on PC’s screen, such as movie playback, Youtube or animation video etc., can be overlaid live on top of the incoming HD video and appear on output ports using the Windows Overlay Item:

Real-time video preview window for each card is available for viewing the incoming video and overlay content on PC’s screen:

Hardware eeprom data on the board can be read and written through the SDK for user ID, application identification or other proprietary purposes.

VoverlayHD can be used in many applications where flexible high-quality HD text, graphics and video are needed to overlay on live HD video in real-time:

--    Video Annotations with Scalable Fonts and Various Colours

--    Video Capture, Encoding, Streaming and Editing

--    Real-time Subtitle Insertion onto SDI/HDMI Video Signal

--    TV and Video Broadcasting Titling

--    Digital Signage and Advertisement

--    Dynamic HD Text, Lyrics and Logo Generation for Live HD Video

--    Industrial, Sub-Sea ROV Video, Medical Instrument and Aero-Space Video with Live PC Graphics Overlays

VoverlayHD runs on 32-Bit or 64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, comes with full application software inc. C++, VisualBasic, C# source codes and Application User Manual, plus full Software Development Kit.  Moderate-Configuration Intel/AMD CPU PCs will all work well without expensive dedicated high-end hardware components.

Click to see comparison sheet between VoverlayHD and its analogue video overlay counterpart Voverlay.

Interested parties can telephone 61-2-95186100, or e-mail info@inventa.com.au for more details.

Hardware Specifications:

Realtime High Definition Text and Graphics on HD Video Overlay Card

PCI-Express Bus G1 Compliance, 1XLane PCIe Card, Plug into any PCIe Slot

Video Input: 1XSDI BNC, 1XHDMI Type A Socket, 1XExternal Reference BNC

Video Output: 2XSDI BNC for Video+Overlay Output, 1XSDI for Overlay Output(Key Out), 1XHDMI Type A for Video+Overlay Output

Overlay Graphics Resolution: Always the Same as Input Video Resolution (from 720X480 to 1920X1080 Pixels)

I/O Standard: SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m, SMPTE 274m, SMPTE 259m and HDMI 1.3 with embedded audio

Audio-Passthrough: from SDI and HDMI Input to SDI and HDMI Output
Power-Loss Video Passthrough: from SDI Input to SDI Output

Physical Dimension: 220mm(Length) X 105mm(Height)