VoverlaX: Programmable Text & Graphics on Video Overlay PCI-Express Card


Inventa Australia has released a high-quality Programmable Text & Graphics on Video Overlay PCIe card "VoverlaX", that superimposes (alpha-blend) PC-generated text, graphics and video onto external video signal under full software control, and realtime output the superimposed result to SVideo and Composite ports. VoverlaX allows user software to individually control every overlaid pixel on the output video frame in full 32-bit RGB Colour inc. Alpha Channel, easily creating unlimited video effects including speed-controllable motion text and graphics, timers,  multiple video windows, etc. The main features of VoverlaX include:

--    Realtime overlay superior-quality PC-generated text, graphics, animation and live video on incoming external video signal

--    Both incoming video and overlaid text/graphics are real-time output without visual delays

--    Full-Alpha blending control (256-Levels) on all colour pixels mixed with incoming video at full 720X576 / 720X480 resolution

--    Instant on-board overlay memory read and write without delay on outputting video signal

--    Output video with overlay is forever synchronized with input video: side-by-side input & output videos are fully synced

--    Un-limited number of PC-generated text, graphics and video items can be overlaid simultaneously on incoming video

--    Self-generated internal time sync signal allows video-outputting PC generated text/graphics/animation without incoming video

--    Use full Windows GDI/GDI+/Direct3D power to generate vector & bitmap graphics overlaid on incoming video

--    Overlaid contents can be fully constructed from PC's memory, no PC on-screen graphics display is required

--    Full software control at application and SDK level on video brightness, contrast, hue and saturation

--    PAL and NTSC video format are supported and incoming signal's type automatically detected

--    SVideo and Composite Video Input and Output, software selectable

--    SVideo output, main and secondary Composite video output ports

--    Secondary video output port can be separately configured independent of the main video output ports

--    Output ports can be software configured to display video only, video plus overlay, overlay only

--    Built-in TBC always provides clear video output even from old tapes and noisy incoming signal

--    Automatic Video Pass through on Power-Off

--    Overlay Text String support for different font colour, font name, font size, font style and Unicode characters

--    Overlay Graphics Files support for BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and Targa format

--    Overlay Timer support for time, date, mille-second, frame number display

--    Overlay Card Operation support for instant screen clear, area alpha change, port I/O selection, etc.

--    Overlay Windows support for constantly displaying any window’s content to external TV

--    Constant Alpha Channel Value Change under software control for timing and increment

--    Horizontal and Vertical Moving Text & Graphics Overlay with software configurable steps and durations

--    Instant Overlay Display to external TV from any combination of overlay items constructed & loaded

--    User-Adjustable Colour Change (Contrast/Brightness/Hue/Saturation) on All Ports, Separate Port and Arbitrary Rectangular Area

--    Colour Bar support for main and 2nd output port

--    User definable 48-byte on-board eeprom memory for read/write application specific data

--    Save and Load Overlay Item List Files for repeated use of complicated overlay schemes and patterns

--    Full SDK for Software Development inc. complete C++, VisualBasic and C# source codes of fully functioning application software

VoverlaX is a “hardware graphics overlay” device using its on-board ICs to instantly mix graphics data received from host PC with incoming video then output the mixing result immediately, resulting in low-delay, low usage of host CPU/GPU and high-quality overlay. VoverlaX has on-board memory frame buffers available for application software to directly write and read all colour pixels realtime overlaid(superimposed) on the incoming video, allowing unlimited video effects creation using the full graphics processing power of the Windows operating system (GDI/GDI+/Direct3D etc. APIs). The hardware implemented Alpha-Channel blending capability gives application software easy and instant control for any overlay items' visibility on the external TV, complicated multiple-item graphical overlay effects such as fade-in / fade-out flying text over live video http://www.inventa.com.au/Product%20Release%20and%20Comment/Voverlay%20Sample%20176X140.gifcan be created within minutes. Since full PC based vector fonts (Windows' True-type fonts) can be used, text overlaid on video is fully scalable in smooth edges and proportional aspect ratio. VoverlaX can display any graphics file directly on TV in extremely high-quality, with or without live video background. When live animation and movie playback is required on TV, VoverlaX displays them in full motion and maximum flexibility. Using VoverlaX , numerous special text and graphics overlay effects can be instantly constructed on TV without any software conversion. Combined with MPEGIO2 or MPEGIOPro cards, VoverlaX can also create live video-on-video Picture-in-Picture result on its video output ports: multiple live video will appear in front of a background live video, in addition to other overlay effects such as text and animation graphics (see encoded video sample here) ---- all these are live realtime video passthrough without any video capture, editing or delays.

Up to 32 VoverlaX cards can be used simultaneously in one PC, supported by both the application software and the SDK, it can also run simultaneously with its PCI counterpart VOVERLAY card in the same PC.

VoverlaX can be used in many applications where high-quality PC-generated text, graphics and video are needed to overlay on live video:

--    Video Annotations 

--    Industrial, Sub-Sea ROV Video, Medical Instrument and Aero-Space Video with Live PC Graphics Overlays

--    Video Capture, Encoding and Streaming

--    Video Editing

--    TV and Video Broadcasting

--    Digital Signage

--    Recording PC-Generated Text, Graphics, Animation and Video to Video Tapes with or without external incoming video

VoverlaX runs on 32-Bit or 64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems, comes with full application software inc. C++, VisualBasic and C# source codes and Application User Manual, plus full Software Development Kit. Used together with the Inventa's Hardware MPEG Encoders, Live Video with Overlays generated by VoverlaX can be realtime recorded as MPEG files and/or realtime streamed out to remote network clients.

Click to see comparison sheet between VoverlaX and its digital High-Definition Graphics overlay counterpart VoverlayHD and PCI overlay card VOVERLAY.

Interested parties can telephone 61-2-95186100, or e-mail info@inventa.com.au for more details.

Hardware  Specifications:

Realtime Text and Graphics on Video Overlay Card

1-Lane PCI-Express Bus G1, Plug into any PCI-Express Slot

Video Input: 1XComposite and 1XSVideo

Video Output: 2XComposite and  1XSVideo 

Physical Dimension: 132mm(Length) X 101mm(Height)