Software Development ToolKit for USB MPEG Video Hardware Encoder

Inventa Australia has released USBMPEG2-Box SDK --- a Software Development ToolKit that allows rapid development of application software to capture high-quality MPEG video and audio on laptop and desktop PCs.

Designed specifically for application software developers, USBMPEG2-Box-SDK offers easy-to-use stand-alone C-function calls to access the hardware MPEG encoder, by shielding the software writers from sophisticated hardware low-level interfacing, as well as the over-complicated DirectX/DirectShow programming. The result is extremely fast application software development in hours or days, instead of the usual months or years. Realtime MPEG video preview and recording can be implemented by single C-function calls, without any of the traditional headaches of hardware initialization, register read/write, chip-command download etc, nor those over-bloated  DirectX/DirectShow filter building, pin-connecting, graph-running, etc., etc. Using USBMPEG2-Box--SDK, the software developers will really concentrate on their application-specific features of the software, with minimum attention to the hardware interface coding. USBMPEG2-Box--SDK needs only one single function call to put a live video-input window anywhere on PC's screen, either as a child window within the application software or as a top-level stand-alone window. Gone forever are those labyrinth of endless class structure declarations and mysterious incarnations of hardware representations, starting or stopping the MPEG encoding is now as simple as one function call from  anywhere in your source code. With USBMPEG2-Box-SDK, even Visual Basic for Application source code can make video capture happen in one statement --- now your end users can press one button from Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel to start live video input if they want to.

USBMPEG2-Box-SDK is delivered as Dynamic Linking Library (.DLL) plus necessary header files. A detailed user manual, C++ and Visual Basic sample source code and projects files are also included. A simple setup utility is also supplied for installing application software on target PCs.. Interested parties can contact Inventa Australia for any further information at, tel 61-2-95186100, fax 61-2-95186300.

Sample C++/VisualBasic Application Software Projects for USBMPEG2-Box SDK with full source code provided: