Exclusive New Product Release:$149

PocketHDTV: Pocket-Sized USB High-Definition Digital TV Tuner

Inventa Australia just released PocketHDTV: a pocket-sized USB-powered high-definition digital TV tuner for laptop and desktop PCs.

Measured just 95 X 69 X 12mm and weighing around 100 gram, stylishly designed like a small shiny notepad, with USB and external antenna sockets on each end, a built-in retractable rod antenna neatly folded on the surface, PocketHDTV offers true portable digital TV reception for laptop and desktop PC users. The single USB cable provides both power supply and data transmission, and a red LED light indicates connection is on. Infra-red sensors are built into both end of the tuner, therefore the bundled tiny infra-red remote-controller ---  90X50X6mm to be exact--- can aim at either the front or back end of the PocketHDTV .

Despite being small and light (consuming less than 2.5 watts power: 450mA over 5V USB port), PocketHDTV offers absolutely stable operation for long hours --- tested by Inventa Australia for 24-hours around the clock High-Definition digital TV recording without missing a single bit. All standard and high definition digital TV broadcasting, upto 1920X1080-pixels frame-size and 19Mbps data rate, Stereo and AC3 audio, can be received perfectly in crystal clear and smooth video on PC screen.

PocketHDTV  comes with its own application software that has a nice user-friendly interface and offers many features for digital TV reception, including:

--    RF Signal Level on the control panel clearly indicates the current TV signal reception condition.

--    Automatic and manual TV channel scanning for all DVB-T broadcasting countries, including precise single frequency scanning and automatic offset scanning. All Australia DVB-T channels can be found quickly and reliably. Scanned frequency table can also be saved for later reloading if necessary.

--    Frequency Offset Scanning allows automatic channel scanning around all the main frequencies, guaranteeing accurate channel locking

--    Manual and scheduled TV recording of any length at any time. Recorded files can be played back in perfect original quality in original frame size and audio format, audio and video are kept in complete synchronization, no matter how long is the TV program. 

--    Teletext reception in separate window that can be viewed side by side with the main video window

--    Subtitles in the main video window, and in the Teletext window

--    Electronic Program Guide(EPG) window showing all channels' current and future programs' timing and contents

--   TimeShifting  function allows Pause and Resume Live TV Broadcasting at any time

--   Aspect Ratio Switching allows 16:9 TV programs to fit 4:3 screen, or 4:3 TV programs to fit 16:9 screen, or freely stretch any TV to any window aspect ratio.

--   Multiple-Channel Preview lists all TV channels in one window with their contents rotating dynamically

--   Still-Image Grabbing saves the current active video frame as clear high-resolution image file

--   Favorite Channel  function gives quick accessing to any TV/Radio channels from Favorite Channel List

Designed to work for Windows XP and Windows 2000 PCs, PocketHDTV comes with both WDM and BDA device driver software. BDA driver allows PocketHDTV to work with many third-party TV tuning software, including Microsoft Media Centre 2005. Combined with other digital TV tuners from Inventa Australia, such as  PCIHDTV, Dual-TunerHDTV, FireDTV,  PocketHDTV can run in multi-tuner environment for dual, triple, or more tuners on the same PC.

With an attractive recommended retail price of just $149 inc. gst --- lower than most PCI tuners --- PocketHDTV also comes with a handy black leather pouch that houses the tuner itself plus all accessories inc. the USB cable, external antenna connector, remote controller  ---  a godsend for travelers. A printed user manual is also included. Hardware warranty is one year. For further information on this true portable high-quality digital TV tuner, including live demonstration and reseller discounts, please contact Inventa Australia on telephone 02-95186100 or e-mail on info@inventa.com.au .

P.S. click here for the new software download page