Exclusive New Product Release:           2-Year Warranty PCIHDTVFaq

PCIHDTV--- High-Definition Digital TV Tuner with All-Purpose Remote Controller 

Inventa Australia just released PCIHDTV, a low-cost High-Definition digital TV Tuner that delivers highest quality digital TV on PC and comes with an All-Purpose Remote Control. As a fully-functioning Digital TV Tuner, PCIHDTV uses high-quality Thomson DVB-T  Tuner to guarantee successful and complete Australia Terrestrial Digital TV (DVB-T) channel scanning, plus arbitrary manual channel scanning with any frequency definable by the user. An RF passthrough socket is also built in alongside with the antenna input socket, so that multiple TV reception devices can daisy-chain their antenna connections.




PCIHDTV delivers the highest-quality and forever-smooth standard and high definition digital TV upto 1920X1080-pixels, from signals received by normal house-hold antenna. Digital TV video can be viewed in resizable window or full screen, video parameters inc. colour, saturation, contrast and brightness can be manually adjusted, TV programs can be manually or time-scheduled recorded to hard disks, recorded video can be played back on any PC or burnt to DVD movie immediately without re-compression, etc. All digital TV channels are conveniently listed on the right pane of the main window, single or double clicking(definable) channel name will switch to that channel’s TV content. Audio volume, Timeshift slider, show/hide channel listing button, etc are arranged at the bottom of the video window. Teletext, Electronic Program Guide, Scheduled-Recording, General Settings and many other windows can be easily accessed by right-clicking mouse button over the video window. All TV programs inc. digital radios can be watched and recorded in their original quality.

PCIHDTV offers full range of un-rivalled advanced features that put it far ahead of all other PCI TV tuner products:


    --    All-Purpose Remote Control that controls not only TV tuning but also other software on the PC: it allows multiple video/internet or any windows to be switched, moved, resized and reshuffled, audio volume adjusted, even PC rebooted or shutdown without touching keyboard and mouse. When running PCIHDTV with other video windows, All-Purpose Remote Control can easily create a picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture scenario with one-button touching to arbitrarily switch among various windows.

    --    Powerful TV Frequency Editing Function that allows easy adding and adjusting any TV channel frequency down to any Hz, therefore guaranteeing accurate tuning to any TV broadcasting in any area. Users can quickly select any known TV frequencies in the local area and tune to these frequencies accurately and quickly   --- for example, less than a minute is needed to tune to all the 45 digital TV channels available in Sydney Metro area, compare this to some other cards that take dozens of minutes or even hours to scan the channels!

    --    Teletext in a separate window, that can be viewed simultaneously with TV window, side by side, or arbitrarily moved &  re-sized, with user-selectable fonts. Such a flexible Teletext viewing beats stand-alone television sets where TV and Teletext usually can not be viewed at the same time. Using arrow or numeric keystrokes or remote-controller users can easily navigate among all available Teletext pages.

    --    Digital Subtitles can be turned on or off, either within the teletext window, or within the main TV video window. Fonts of the subtitle text can be changed by users.

    --    Electronic-Program-Guide brings up all previous, current and next TV program name, time and length, etc. information in a separate window. Clicking any of the future TV programs will open scheduled time recording window immediately, with all recording details filled up properly, making tedious start/stop time setting recording a thing of the past.

    --    Timeshifting is always on (no awkward "start/enter timeshift" any more), jumping backward/forward or pause/resume in time is as simple as dragging a sliding-bar or clicking a button. Unlike other TV tuners, PCIHDTV offers exactly the same video quality timeshifting, meaning time-shifted video plays in exactly the same quality as live TV when they were broadcast earlier. While on other TV tuners, if they do offer timeshifting, the timeshifted video always has inferior quality. PCIHDTV allows Timeshifting regardless the TV recording is in progress or not, while most other tuners disable Timeshift during TV recording.

    --    DVD-Compliant MPEG2 video recording guarantees any TV program recorded is a Generic MPEG2 program-stream video file(.mpg file), that any PC, even Apple Mac and Linux PCs, can playback successfully. On 720X576 TV channels, such a DVD-compliant MPEG2 video files can also be used to burn DVD movie disk without lengthy recompression.

    --    Multiple File Recording for easy multi-DVD movie creation: any file-size can be user-defined as the maximum file length TV recording will create, so that long TV programs can be spread onto multiple files automatically during recording.

    --    FREE Third-Party Software Plug-in Interface for people wanting to write their own software extension to utilise TV video received from PCIHDTV. With such a powerful open architecture, PCIHDTV's functionality can be easily extended unlimitedly. In fact, some of the currently important functions of PCIHDTV, including Teletext and Ethernet/Internet video broadcasting, are already available through plug-ins.

    --    Multi-Channel AC3 Audio output through both analogue and digital multi-channel speakers(Dolby 5.1/6.1 etc)


PCIHDTV's outstanding performance and rich feature-list contrast sharply with many other PCI digital TV tuners that are suffering from problems such as missing TV channels, displaying jerky and blocky video, and recording Audio/Video out-of-sync TV files. Like in realtime MPEG encoding field, audio/video out of sync in recorded MPEG files is a long-time headache for many TV tuner cards, while for PCIHDTV no matter how long the TV recording is the audio and video is always synchronized. Another never working feature for most other TV tuners is the timeshifting: although many of them claim having "timeshift", most of them cannot timeshift until a "enter/start timeshift" button is pressed, and this pressing button will more often than not cause huge video disruption and distortion, if not total software freeze. Once in their painfully entered "timeshift" mode(if their software hasn't crashed yet), most other PCI TV tuners will also struggle to display any decent video with blocky patches popping up everywhere on PC screen. And once recording is started, all other TV tuners will prohibit timeshifting. With PCIHDTV, timeshiting is always on, even simultaneously with TV recording: you can always go back in time to see what you have recorded, and the timeshifted TV display is in exactly the same quality as the live realtime TV. And the PC requirement for all these is only a Celeron 2Ghz or Athlon 2000.


Apart from its excellent personal video recorder & TV tuning capability, PCIHDTV also comes with a standard BDA driver that conforms to Microsoft Broadcast Driver Architecture, and works with many third-party PVR and TV tuning software, inc. Showshifter, MyTheatre, Microsoft WindowsXP Media Centre Edition 2005, MediaPortal, GBPVR, etc. When running under Windows Media Centre Edition 2005, PCIHDTV can act as the second or third digital TV tuner running side by side with one or two FireDTVs to create a wonderful multi-tuner simultaneous watching/recording/timeshifting scenario, see screen shot here: http://www.inventa.com.au/TRIPLE tv TUNERS screen shot 5.gif .

PCIHDTV also has some other nice features such as:

n      One key-stroke (“i” key) will display current TV channel’s information under the video window, such as video frame size, data-rate, audio format and channels, etc.

   More comprehensive TV channel information can be accessed by right-mouse click on channel names

n      Play back Multiple-channel AC3 audio through analogue and digital Dolby multi-channel speakers,

n      When a TV channel broadcast multiple audio streams(such as one MPEG, one AC3), PCIHDTV allows easy display and switch among these multiple audio streams by simple mouse clicks.

PCIHDTValso works well on Linux based PCs with the popular MythTV software and Linux's built-in device driver.




Installation for PCIHDTV is extremely easy, just popping in the attached CD, let Windows search for all device drivers, run setup, no re-booting needed, and the digital TV tuner and its software is ready to tune!


Minimum PC requirement for PCIHDTV include Pentium4 1.2GHz/Celeron 2GHz or AMD Athlon 2000 CPU, Windows XP or Windows 2000, 64Mbyte DirectX9-compatible AGP display card and sound card.


Recommended Retail Price for PCIHDTV is $129 inc. GST,  including PCI card, infrared All-Purpose Remote Control, full version TV software, printed user-manual and Two Year Hardware Warranty. An oem version is also available at $95 inc. GST, that contains the PCI card and BDA driver only, and is suitable for people who have had some TV tuning software such as WindowsXP MCE2005, Showshifter, MyTheatre, etc, or using free PVR software such as MediaPortal, GBPVR.


To learn more about PCIHDTV, please contact Inventa Australia Pty Ltd: Tel. 02-95186100, Fax 02-95186300, e-mail: info@inventa.com.au, web: http://www.inventa.com.au.