Simultaneous Multi-IO MPEG1/2/4 Encoding/Decoding on One PC

Inventa Australia has added Multi-Card Support to its realtime hardware MPEG1/2/4 video encoder/decoder MPEGIO --- making it a reality to simultaneously hardware encode, decode, transcode multiple MPEG1/2/4 video & audio streams on one PC in realtime.

Available immediately, the new feature allows up to 10 MPEGIO PCI cards to run side by side in one PC. Each MPEGIO has its own independent settings and control panel. Simultaneous recording, decoding, transcoding, or mixed operation, can all run independently. This unique feature opens a floodgate of multitude realtime hardware MPEG video applications that previously were not possible from one single PC, such as:

--    Simultaneously record multiple MPEG video files from multiple video inputs

--    Simultaneously record single video source into different MPEG formats

--    Simultaneously transcode multiple MPEG video files into multiple different format MPEG video files

--    Simultaneously stream multiple MPEG2 video contents through Internet/Intranet, etc.

Combined with its superior video quality and absolutely synchronized audio, the multi-card support makes MPEGIO  an un-precedent powerful hardware MPEG encoding/decoding device that is really unique on the market.

Due to its complete on-board hardware encoding/decoding nature, multiple card MPEG video capture on MPEGIO consumes minimum host PC resources: normal Pentium4 PCs can easily run 4 to 10 MPEGIO cards in its maximum data rate encoding (15 Mbps VBR at 720X576-Pixel per frame plus 384KHz stereo audio) without even nearing full CPU usage. The above screenshot was taken from Inventa's demo. PC running Celeron 2.67Ghz CPU with 4 MPEGIO cards capturing maximum 15Mbps data rate MPEG2 video simultaneously, the CPU usage is only fluctuating around 35%.

For customers writing their own software to control multiple MPEGIO cards, an optional SDK(Software Development ToolKit) is available that allows 1~10 MPEGIO cards in the same PC to be programmed in mixed encoding, decoding, transmitting and transcoding operations simultaneously.

Inventa Australia has multi-card MPEGIO  encoding/decoding in daily live demonstration at Unit 102, 288 Wattle St., Ultimo, NSW 2007. Interested customers can telephone 02-95186100, or e-mail for more details.

MPEGIO Specifications:

Encode Video Formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 MP@ML, MPEG-4 Simple Profile@L1,L2 & L3, with extensions to full-D1,H.263

I, IP, IBP, IBBP Frames

MPEG-1 system stream, MPEG-2 PS or TS data stream, MPEG-4 embedded in MPEG-2 TS output, PES & ES

Constant and Variable Bit Rate Encoding User Selectable

Video 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 conversion

Video Inverse telecine(3:2 pulldown)

Video frame rates 29.97fps(NTSC) or 25fps(PAL)

Video bits-rate from 50Kb/s~15Mb/s: for All MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4(H.263) Formats

Video resolution in pixels: PAL 176X144, 352X288, 480X576, 704X576, 720X576, NTSC 176X120, 352X240, 480X480, 704X480, 720X480.


Audio formats: MPEG-1 Layer II, AC3
Audio sample rates: 8K, 16k, 22.05K, 24K, 32K, 44.1K, 48KHz.

Audio bit rates: 8Kbps ~ 384Kbps


PCI Bus v2.1 Compliance

Video Input: Composite and SVideo

Video Output: Composite or SVideo (Conversion Cable Supplied)

Audio Input: 3.5mm Phone Jack Stereo

Audio Output:3.5mm Phone Jack Stereo

Physical Dimension: 177mm(Length) X 105mm(Height --- not including PCI Connectors of about 7mm)